Hating your body is like hating your eternal being. Do you hate your body?

‘Of course not. I just love it’ – you might answer.

I know that it is so easy to write and say but difficult to feel that.

I may announce that I hate my body.

Is it something wrong to assume my bad attitude here? I am not scared to escape

from the truth, I want to face it.

One thing is clear: it is good to hate your body.

Yes, this is starting point to get rid of negativity from the mind and end up your personal drama.

Do you think that self-proclaimed gurus who teach that negative emotions are part of us are right?

Moreover, negative experiences are like a ticking bomb inside of a soul.

If you keep feelings inside such as sadness, hurt, betrayal, you are holding toxicity.

Does self-hatred exist? Yes, for the moment those feelings are playing a role to be a part of us.

Like a doll starts to give an audience sort of illusion of a real girl. But humans never question the fact that this little girl is fake and non-human.

If we move beyond our limited perspective, we get a desire to know the truth.

I am sure you want to know the truth right now…

As you are essential, eternal individual being, you might see things from different angles.

First of all, you might reject the truth.

So, what I see, feel and notice is that negative feelings don’t belong to humans.

An authentic, real positive feelings have more delightful, enrich, dense quality,

unknown for humanity these days.

That’s simple: observe, acknowledge, get rid of toxicity.

In other words, you will discover inner strength, happiness, and freedom.

Maybe you are fat; maybe you are too slim, too bulky. What do you think and feel about your body then?

You don’t want to be there. You believed in those lies, and you want to leave it, or at least change it into another one.

Would you feel safe if you left your body? If you are honest with yourself and listen to your heart, you feel naked, cold and unprotected.

Right now I think that it is never a good idea to leave your body. Without your body, your life force energy gets lost.

But if you decide to take a challenge and end up this drama, a glimpse of hope is still inside of your heart.

The most important thing in human existence is to be present in your body.

Then you are resilient to life and able to expand your strength, freedom, and happiness.

Anyway, hating a body is only transient state of being.

Only if you do your essential work, then you end up with hatred for good.

When you end up with your emotional problems, you are free.

But this is a process of constant work and self-evaluation

I encourage you: ‘Feel your being.’

IGA knows what the problem is in your life.

She can help you to discover your true self-empowerment to find the way out from the prison of your mind.

Freedom is possible, happiness is a piece of cake.

Do a work with me and you will understand what I mean.